Hi All

A little bit about James Radley, Well he has struggled for the past 3 years to make a success online.

Mainly due to distractions and timewasting he has been on a journey of failure and disappointment.

This however has changed and since enrolling on the Alex Jeffreys Marketing with You course I have a clear plan I am working through which I will be detailing my journey through on this blog.

I want to help you get out of the “IM Black Hole” I found myself in a few short months ago.

I hope to be bringing you lots of great free content via this blog.

In the mean time check out this excellent free training from Alex Jeffreys.

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One Comment

  • connor roberts says:

    i c that you are becomming quite succesful through your internet marketing, probably because you haven’t got me woffling on anymore,

    yours sincerly- ‘annoying’ from the 420.
    well done james, nowcome back for another run!

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