Beginners Internet Marketing Mistakes…. Yes I made them! Are You?

waste-paper-binLet me show you the way to never succeed in life or business, you maybe are following these exact steps at the minute. I certainly was and from talking to fellow internet marketers at a recent workshop I attended many of them had been.

I can hear you cry “Don’t tell me what not to do, I want to know the secret to making money online”, “Secret” you say What Secret? Who Knows the Secret? Is there a Secret to being successful? The Guru’s must have a secret? Maybe Frank Kern knows or Michael Cheney? Why aren’t they telling us?

Stop,stop and STOP , breaking one of the myths in Internet Marketing, there is No Big Secret, No Magic Button you can press. Like any other business online or offline you need to put the knowledge you have gained in to practice and action them plans.

Back to the subject of the post I have listed below some of the common mistakes that many internet marketers make and ones that I have made and I am sure you will too. With some advice below each one to try and help you avoid my pitfalls.

  • Information Overload – I suffered for many months with this, my Hard Drive is packed with both free and bought products from many different people. Information is only useful if you are going to action it, yes you need to keep up with new strategies and learn different techniques to succeed in your business, but you don’t need to become a Library. Action: Any new report or ebook you can download or even purchase always ask yourself  3 questions before you download/but it. 1. Will I even read it? 2. Am I going to action the content? 3. Is it going to benefit me?
  • Email Overload – If like me you are receiving emails from 100 different marketers all offering their advice then you have subscribed to too many lists. Having said that it would be nice to receive advice and useful content from all sources instead of the usually spam, sale pitch, or even in some cases word for word emails some of them send. Action: Go through your email regularly and evaluate their benefit to you by asking the same 3 questions as above. Take into consideration what advice and content they send you and ditch the ones that just try and sell you product all day. Don’t get into the routine of saying I will keep that subscription because I don’t want to miss out on the “Next Big Product Launch”.
  • Product Launch/The next big Product – Is it me or is there a product launch every other day now, don’t fall into the trap like many marketers have of thinking you can only succeed in internet marketing if I buy all the products. I know a few people that have spent thousands of dollars and are still struggling to make a dime. Action: Always consider the 3 questions Read it? Action it? Benefit from it? Don’t get sucked into the marketing hype!
  • Niche/Strategy Shifting – After spending several months on different strategies and changing niches on a monthly basis nearly, I soon realised that I was never going to make money doing this. I was following in the footsteps of many of the marketers before me and never fully following things through, thus never making any money. Action: Research your niche and strategy before you start anything. Make sure your niche is deep enough to support multiple levels of products but not to broad that you will have thousands of people competing against you. Try and choice a niche you are familiar with and passionate about it always makes the creating of content easier.

With fear of making this blog post to long I have listed just 4 of the mistakes I made in my Internet Marketing Career, I hope to be bring you much more free content on all areas of Internet Marketing. If you have a question that you would like me to discuss and even write a blog post on then please leave me a comment or email me.

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