Day 2 of The Internet Marketing “Road to Failure” – My story

RoadFollowing on from yesterdays post I will just quickly recap the situation I was in, Like many of you reading this I had read a massive amount of information on Internet Marketing but failed to take the action required to start making money online to support myself.

The errors of my ways, and the shear time wasting:-

  • Working Full Time Scraping a Living.
  • Coming home from work at 6pm and spending all night on the laptop.
  • Spending money that I earned by going to work on Internet Marketing Products.
  • Not getting very far fast.
  • Not earning “any money some weeks” others not enough to cover all the costs (ebooks )
  • Wasting time reading junk Emails, then sales letters, then sales videos.
  • And if you’re not “Careful – Oh No you just bought it” (fine if you action and it works)
  • Swapping from “niche to niche”, thinking this is the one!
  • Buying new products after all the hype from the product launch.
  • Collecting masses of information on every subject of internet marketing and SEO.

Sound Like You….. Read on to see how I got off the Road to Failure!!!

It got to about April 2009 and I looked in the rear view mirror of the car I was driving down this Road to Failure.

Guess what was in the mirror…..?

The” Start Line” yes I had done over 12 months of work and I had moved about  60cm away from where I was 12 months previous. Although the road I had travelled had been very long, they just seemed to shoot of at tangents to the sides.

See how this changed my mindset and ultimately how it moved me on to the Road to Success, in the next post.

If you feel like you are on that “road to failure” and are nodding your head to the time wasting errors above, then please share your story in the comments section below.

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