Video Post – Part 1 21 Mistakes I made in my Internet Marketing Business

Hi All

As promised here’s the 1st Part from  my mistakes list….

Sorry about the presentation but I hope you may connect with some of the mistakes and it helps you overcome them….

Make sure you check back for the other videos escpecially Video 4 as this will outline the simple systems I have in place now that overcomes most of these mistkes.

Please leave your comments and tell me how you have overcome similiar mistakes?

See you soon


P.S Lets stop making the same mistakes and be more productive…..

Grab your fre copy of some excellent training by my mentor Alex Jeffreys…

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  • Sally says:

    Hey James,

    Love the accent, and you did fabulous in the video, you are a natural I think!

    No goals is my favourite point you raised, it’s like getting in a car and just sitting there, you cannot get somewhere if you don’t know where your going.

    Now I have a plan, I am going to attack it from all angles, and conquer!

    I didn’t know you had attended Lee’s workshop, I have never been to one so I am super jealous of ya.

    Hopefully I can get to one someday, and maybe meet you too, that would be cool.

    Great video, I enjoyed it and look forward to watching some more great “stuff” from you.

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..How Wii Boxing Helped My Internet Business

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Sally

      Love the accent. lol

      Your refreshed after your weekend in a Scottish Cabin then, ready to attack that plan by looks of it.

      Yeah attended Lee’s first workshop in Manchester Inside Out/ Upside Down. Shouldn’t have drunk so much Beer on the 1st night though.

      The Video was the 4th take, kept stumbling on my words and then the phone rang in one…

      Keep up the good work.


  • ** RJB ** says:

    Hi James,

    Good video with solid content. I know what you mean about confidence and videos but the more you do the less nervous you’ll get so fair play for getting it going mate!

    You need goals and you need a plan! Without a plan we’re just busy fools!

    (** RJB **)
    ** RJB ** recently posted..Easy Squeezy &amp 100 Commissions

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Rob

      Busy fool….. thats me for the last 3 years…. but not now.

      I have a plan and goals and started working towards them already.

      I created 10 Videos yestreday for my 1st product, so I think I am getting enough practice.

      Speak Soon


      P.S I am always getting called Bradley instead of Radley thought about changing mine name. lol.

  • Hi James

    The more you do something the easier it becomes, I am by no means a video star, mine are terrible but they are done and we can only get better if we keep moving forward.

    Once you know where you want to be it makes it so much easier to plan the route. Funny how all the natural logic we use in everyday life vanishes as soon as we sit in front of a computer.

    One last thought, I am only here because it is Tuesday and this is my forum day, saw your post on MWA.

    Good luck for the future, now onto the other 2 videos.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Article Marketing Without Blood Sweat or Tears

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Igor

      I agree “all the natural logic vanishes” this happened to me for years, even when I realised this was happening I couldn’t do anything about it.

      Not unitl the MWA course did things start to come together.

      Like the idea of planning a day of the week to visit the Forum!

      I have split my days down and allow set times for each task e.g

      10 mins email.
      5 mins check my blog.
      10 mins MWA forum.

      When the time is up I move on to the next task. It works this way for me and gets my other tasks done instead of spending 1 hour on email.

      My Daily tasks are now down to 35 mins. That includes checking my emails morning and evening 5 mins each.

      Thanks for the comments.


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