Video Post – Part 2 Mistakes in my Internet Marketing Business

Hi Guys,

Sorry for the delay in posting Part 2 of my Video series outlining the mistakes I have been making for the past 3 years.

No I haven’t been timewasting, I have been knuckling down a putting some long hours in building and marketing sites for my clients.

However this has took my time away from whats close to me, and thats providing help for other marketers that are struggling to make money online.

Anyway here’s part 2…….

Right I am busy preparing Part 3 of this Video Course, this will show you how I have conquered my mistakes and started to be 1000% more productive. Not only in my IM career but also my Business and personal life.

What a buzz you get when you take action and things get done.

Would love to see your comments about the video.

Who’s still making these mistakes?

Who has never listed the mistakes they are making? Be Critical with yourself it helps!

See you soon in Video 3….


Don’t forget to check out the free training from my Mentor Alex Jeffreys……. It’s helped me on my journey to success…

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  • Simon Croft says:

    Hey James,

    Good video, well presented. You have a very calming voice, great for what you are doing.

    Anyone who says they haven’t made these mistakes are either lying or extremely lucky. The list is, I should imagine, very common to everyone, including everyone on MWA. The importance is to take action to eradicate them. It is very easy to blame everyone and their dog for failure, but at the end of the day, the buck stops with you, only you can change what is around you.

    Look forward to the 3rd video.


    Simon Croft recently posted..Social Media Marketing Mastery Or Mystery

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Simon

      Thanks for the comment.

      I suppose this is like an excuse list, as Alex mentioned in the forum Eradicate these one by one and I am closer to success.

      That goes for us all.

      Yes the 3rd video will show what I have done to stop myself making the same mistakes time and time again.

      Going to check your blog out your recent post has me interested.



  • Hi James

    I am glad that you mentioned Rich Schefren before I did, I was on his recent webinar and nearly bought his course but deep down I knew I did not need anymore advice at the moment, although how do you say no to someone like Mr Schefren!

    Outsourcing is not only useful, it is a really cool way to work. My last project was completed whilst I was sleeping and thus was ready for me to start using in the morning.

    I spent 3 years buying everything and listening to everyone, all it would have taken was for one of those people to say ‘let me take you by the hand, igor’ and they would have had a loyal follower for life, now I cannot even remember who half of them were, although if I go through my hard drive I’m sure I could find out!

    Great list and knowing what the problems are is half the battle.

    ps you are already sounding better on the video
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Article Marketing Without Blood Sweat or Tears

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Igor

      I think I was on the same webinar, I didn’t buy the product either but picked up a lot of useful tips and techniques to use.

      I felt that I wouldn’t get any major benefits out of buying the product as I wasn’t far enough through my current process from the MWA training.

      Creating this list and makng it public has helped me get over these mistakes and helped me come to terms with the time I have wasted.

      I still cringe at the sound of my own voice.


      Going to check out your blog post….

  • Hi James,

    good job on doing this. What affected me personally was your mistake #21 – Buying the next big FAD.

    It can be so painful to do this. Yes, thanks for these list of mistakes.
    Before you have a clue you are trapped in the marketing glue :)

    Keep it up.


    • James Radley says:

      Thanks Lars

      I put that at #21 because although it got me in the early days, with very little funds to my name it didn’t become much of a problem.

      I like the remark about the marketing glue, its very sticky. lol

      I should have video 3 launched in the next couple of days. check it out.

      Keep up the good work.


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