Video – Simple Business Techniques for Internet Marketers

Hi Guys,

Well its finally here Video 3 in the Series on Mistakes in Internet Marketing….

This video shows you the simple techniques I have applied in my business that have made a huge diference to my Journey to Online Success….

They aren’t ground breaking or new, but so many of us are forgetting the simple tasks of business that make a huge difference to our action taking and output of work.

From the previous videos you can see how bogged down I was getting in my IM career, by applying these techniques over the past 2 months I have managed to get more work done then in the past year.

I now use these steps in my online career and also in my web design and marketing company, allowing me to manage my time a lot better and in fact take more customer projects on.

Here’s the video…..

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I hope you will find this video useful and if you sign up for the ecourse you may pick up some further advice.

You can find the software I now use everyday to manage my Time and Tasks here…..

Screenshot of the software in action…..

This software has worked wonders for me and my business I really recommend it to anyone struggling with managing their time or to do lists.

I will be releasing some ready made task list to save you time populating the software so if you want these when they are ready then please drop me a comment below.

I would love to here your feedback on the video below, if you have any questions or find it useful please tell me.

To our Success


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  • Nathan Rufus says:

    Hey James,

    Brilliant video series. (…You’ve got some good skills with this video stuff mate, will have to be having words with you…)

    So good to see that you’re on track and there is going to be some big things coming from your business.

    It all starts with a PLAN.

    It’s amazing how long I tried to build an internet business with out the most fundamental thing in place. A PLAN.

    Since putting one in place, (…using the methods that you’re showing in the video ;-) ) things have really gone from strength to strength.

    I’m really glad to hear that you’re starting on the list building side of things now mate, because let me tell you, you’ll see your profits skyrocket, but more importantly, you’ll be able to help a lot more people, a lot more personally that way.

    I’m going to conduct another experiment mate, a LIVE ONE (…it was your comment on the blog that gave me the idea today actually…)

    Give me a shout whenever you’re ready.

    Well done mate and brilliant video.

    Reach new heights,

    Nathan Rufus recently posted..How To Build A List Of 1000 Subscribers In 33 Days Or Less!

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Nathan

      Thanks for all the encouragement, I stumbled along without a Plan for far too long. It’s amazing how the simple things make such a difference.

      Congrats on the finale of your challenge 2000 subscribers in 60 days, that certainly gives me a target to work towards.

      Looking at starting on the 1st October using the techniques you outline on your blog, thanks for them.

      Live Experiment sounds very interesting, will be following you on that one, glad my comment inspired you.

      Keep up the good work.


  • Thanks for this James

    I have created plans and far too often drifted off onto other projects thus now it is time to reorganise and make the most of what I have created, most often by accident.

    Technology is great and I have tried a few automation systems and ended up spending more time managing the technology than making progress.

    I now use the basic do, did and journal system although the do is the woolly part of the system but this is going to be re-sorted this weekend.

    Great recap of Alex’s system.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..Rip up the Plan and Start Again

    • James Radley says:

      Hi igor

      You are right to much time can be spent entering your task into software.

      I however find the system I am using very easy and only takes 5-10 mins per day to setup the tasks for tomorrow and it produces reports for me.

      The main advantage is it limits my time I spend on tasks like twitter and email so its saving me more time then it takes up.


  • Sally Neill says:

    Hiya James

    I wanna increase my productivity too!

    I have so many distractions and I know my time could be much better spent.

    Signed up for your course :)

    Loved the video, kept me interested the whole time, which makes a change as I lost attention quite quickly!

    I will try and follow your suggested planning tips, cos I don’t plan to fail ha ha.

    Speak soon, Sally :)

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Sally

      Productivity is the key to success, I have found a massive increase in what I have achieved over the last 3 months.

      I have split my distractions down into 2 categories, “On Computer” and “My Surroundings” I then put each distraction into the correct category and tackled them one by one.

      Some tasks in life just need to be done each day, so they must be planned for. I stopped short at planning to go to the toilet. lol.

      The only thing we can guarantee is the constant in life that there is only 24 hrs in a day. Work back from that with your planning.

      I guess your time on the computer has become of greater importance with the new job. It’s something I have had to overcome this past year since I set Online Optimisation up.

      I find that if I am on my laptop and not getting anything done, I walk away and get one of my offline tasks done. (Cook, Hoover, DIY etc.) Then I can go back to the laptop after having completed my personal task knowing that the time hasn’t just been wasted.

      Keep your chin up!!!


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