Who is James Radley and what is he doing? Is he mad?

questionI often ask myself that question “Am I mad?”

“No” comes back the answer from the little voice in my head. LOL!

Hi my name is James Radley and I live in not so sunny Scunthorpe (scunny) in the United Kingdom. I have been following Internet Marketing for the last 2 years, I say “following” because that is the mistake I have been making. You can’t just follow, check emails, browse the net, look at Guru’s product launch etc. and think something is going to happen.

Over the last 2 years I have learnt a tremendous amount about Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing in general. Until now I have never put any of this knowledge into action and that is the “Master Key” to internet marketing you must action the system you choose.

I would get home from work about 6pm and then start on the laptop until probably midnight some nights, grabbing Tea when I could. But what was I doing with my time at least 3-4 hours a night every night. Several things occurred in my life back in April of 2009, of which I will discuss in more depth in future posts (may be useful to some of you). It took this culmination of events to make me realise what I was doing and more importantly what I wasn’t doing.

Some nights I would probably spend 2 hours a night checking emails, following the latest Product Launches. When you are on a limited timescale you can’t afford to be doing this, yes it’s good to read useful content from people that are successful in the business you are trying to master. But most of the emails I used to receive where sales pitches in one form or another. Tip: Unsubscribe from email lists you don’t read or that don’t provide useful content.

I can here readers saying “I don’t spend 2 hours, that’s ridiculous” Ok just time yourself tomorrow and see how long you really spend , make sure you add all them times you just nip into your email program to see if you have any new emails. (they soon add up).

So more about me, I find this difficult writing about myself so you will have to be kind and stick with me. I was basically a sheep in the Internet Marketing Industry, following the road not to success but to failure. Flying from one idea to the next, from one niche to another, buying one product and then the next one.

Even better was all the free products I could find, everyone started giving Free content away. I like most others thought another system another tactic I can use. But the reality of it is the fact that its just another distraction, something else to be doing instead of taking action and working towards a successful outcome. Below is a screen shot of the properties of the folder where I keep all my e-books on Internet Marketing. When I say all as you can see from the date December 2008 this is a proportion of the material I have. This was the date I bought my Laptop I have more on my PC.

beginners internet marketing

Size of Product Folder

Two Thousand One Hundred and Thirty Three files, when you write it like that it takes nearly as long to read it as one of the titles of the ebooks. Just imagine the amount of time I have wasted reading this material. I haven’t read it all but I bet I have read 70% of it and how much had I put into action prior to April 2009? Probably 1% or even less.

Needless to say things had to change and they did big style, If you recognise yourself above, if you are carrying out these same tasks then Stop. Evaluate your time and plan what you are going to be doing with it, don’t waste time you can’t get it back.

I will be carrying this story on tomorrow where I will reveal what I am doing now and why people think I am Mad!!!!!

I will be posting on this blog on a daily basis, trying to help Internet Marketers across the world succeed and beat the distractions. If you find any of the content useful please tell your friends on twitter etc. and also don’t miss out on my posts Subscribe to my blog for regular updates or use the RSS Feed at the top of the page.


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