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Hi All

Quick Update: Breaking off a hectic schedule on my current project, to write this blog post about a fellow online marketer Sally Neill…

Let me take you back to last weekend the Instant Profit Seminar in London run by Alex Jeffreys and Dean Holland, well I was on the list to attend, and looking forward to not only the seminar but to meeting some of the other attendees including Sally Neill…

You see I have known Sally a while now since meeting online through Alex Jeffreys Coaching Program. I have talked to Sally on Skype, exchanged emails, read and commented on her blog.

One thing has struck me over this period is Sally has always been willing to help in any way she can, offering advice, accountability or as she puts it “an ass kicking”, and great info and tutorials on her blog.

Sally’s time working for Alex Jeffreys a 7 figure online business must have given her an insight many marketers could only dream of.

Well she has just extended that arm of helpfulness to everyone, if you need help and advice on any area of internet marketing ask Sally, if she knows she will gladly help.

Check out this recent blog post and Video to get her email address and fire your questions to her.


While over there check out her blog there is loads of useful info, and leave a comment Sally answers them personally.

Let’s look at why a feel this is important and made me write this post…

I will share with you something my mentors shared with me, Alex Jeffreys and Lee Mcintyre.

“the most valuable information I have learnt has not been learnt from products but by talking and emailing my mentors and watching what they are doing…”

Need I say anymore, well hopefully not….

Why are you still here reading this when you should be over at Sally’s blog.

What are you struggling with? Let sally know now….


P.S I sent my email to her…

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  • Sally says:

    Hey James

    Ha ha the flower pic did make me laugh :)

    But I am gutted you didn’t make London, would have been so lovely to meet you,

    Learned a ton of stuff from the Instant Profit Seminar, you would have loved it (plus you need some I.M pics on your blog too)

    Thanks for the shout out, super duper kind of ya, and you know if you need help with anything I am always here for ya.

    You’re officially part of the “cool crowd” now lol.

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Instant Profit Seminar – I Finally Believe In ME

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Sally

      Sorry for the delay in approving comment it hit the spam box for some reason?

      lol the “cool crowd”……

      One thing I have heard from many Top Marketers is….

      “they have learnt more from their mentors by talking, asking them questions and emailing them then reading their products…”

      I really think that it’s good to connect with IMers of all levels and try and not sell to each other but help each other on their journey to success.

      Will have to catch you soon… When’s the next Northallerton Meet with Randy?


  • Mandy Allen says:

    Hi James, great post and a lovely shout for Sally. She certainly is one of the most helpful merketers I’ve met and great at ‘accoutnability’. I met her earlier this month at the Northallerton meetup so know exactly what you are talking about!

    Enjoy the journey.

    Mandy Allen recently posted..All For One And One For All – Be Accountable

  • James Radley says:

    Hi Mandy

    Thanks, just showcasing some of the effort that Sally puts into other Marketers…

    Accountability is something that some people require to progress with tasks…

    Hope to catch you at the Northallerton meet…

    Great post on your blog, so often these are overlooked.


  • James

    I can certainly throw my hat into Sally’s corner, she is someone who is very open and as you say always willing to help.

    I did manage to attend the seminar and finally meet Sally, I was on MWA 3.0, as well and with one simple phrase from Sally I realised the truth of where I was at that moment. She is fantastic at making you see the obvious and putting it into action.

    The amount of information provided over the 2 days was fantastic and useful going forward but the amount of personal experiences and information shared over a pint or two was something you will never find in a book or report.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..How to Make Money at… Not!

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Igor

      Good to see some of the MWA 3.0 crowd still about….

      Yes Sally is a great help for advice…

      Igor: “amount of personal experiences and information shared over a pint or two was something you will never find in a book or report.”

      I totally agree with that and I have had personal experience at at Lee McIntyre workshop 2 years ago.

      The only problem is the more I drink the less I remember. lol…..


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