A Birthday Message and planning for the rest of 2011


A Birthday Gift to Myself…..and a Thank you….

I am sat writing this post on a wet Sunday Morning in Summer (well it is the UK)…..

Today is a special day it’s My Birthday…. 32 Today….

I want to take this opportunity to thank a few select people and also thank you for reading this blog post….

Firstly I must thank Alex Jeffreys, since embarking on his training course back in 2010 my perspective on the whole Internet Marketing “thing” has changed dramatically. Thanks Alex for the pearls of wisdom you gave us all on that course….

Secondly thanks to Sally Neill, since meeting Sally on Alex’s course Sally has been on the end of emails if I needed any guidance and with her new training course being released this week I am sure I will be learning lots from her….

And finally I would like to thank Brendon Burchard, for the free training videos he has released recently especially the latest ones for his High Performance Academy. I learnt a lot from these about myself and what has been holding me back for all these years….

So on to the “Birthday Gift” well I’ve decided to give myself a set of rules to guide me through the rest of 2011….

I want to make a difference this year and instead of learning more tactics that I will never use, instead of wasting more time reading emails and sales letters with their big promises, instead of wasting valuable time I don’t have trying to figure out how do I make a real Income Online.

I am going to “JUST DO IT” you see over the years I have never released a product, ebook etc. I haven’t built a list of subscribers, I’ve not even blogged consistently….


Ideas don’t make you money, Action will…..

Well if you are taking the right actions it will….

I know I am what you call a “thinker”, “ideas man”…..

There isn’t a day goes by in my life where I don’t come up with ideas, it may be to do with Internet Marketing, for one of my clients websites/ business, about something I have seen on TV or just about life in general….

But I must be one of the worst people for harvesting some of these ideas and taking actionable steps towards an outcome….

Well up to know that was….

Because over the next couple of weeks I am to release my first product into the Internet Marketing Niche…

No it’s not going to be a lame ebook, PLR dribble or look how I made $$$$$ online….

It’s a simple but powerful WordPress Plugin that will help Internet Marketers build simple quick marketing funnels very quickly with all the power of the expensive professional system….

I know this is an area where many Marketers are failing, just from being around the forums and other communities. It is clear from the questions people ask that most marketers don’t have the money to invest in the software the top marketers use, nor do they have the expertise to program something themselves….

Even with that expertise the process isn’t straight forward, I know because I have the expertise and still failed, I can design and code websites, html, css, php, I know the workings of WordPress like the back of my hand, I should do all my clients website run on it. (from the single page to the full ecommerce sites)

You see most marketers try and cobble together several free or cheap systems, some may succeed but it takes them hours of learning different systems and integrating them all in a sales funnel.


So my rules that I am posting on here to make me accountable for the rest of 2011….

1.       Give 100% to everything I do in business and life…..

2.       Understand my “Purpose” in life and in business…..

3.       Understand and control my Psychology, Physiology, Productivity and Persuasion

4.        Plan Tomorrow, Today. Know what needs doing in advance….

5.       Understand what my Goals are and how to obtain them….

6.       Take consistent actionable steps towards my Successful Outcomes….

7.       Be accountable for my own actions and results….

8.       Start to fulfil my true potential in life instead of working at about 5%….

9.       Build relationships with my fellow marketers and potential partners and clients…

10.   Harvest the natural abilities I have for learning, problem solving, passion for a challange and make a difference with these….

Anyway I best get ready to go out, my fiancée is taking me for a Birthday meal and a few celebratory drinks… (a few lol.)

I hope you will find these rules as useful as me in the coming weeks and months….


Let’s use the rest of 2011 to make a difference in our lives and others around us….

Leave a comment below if you are ready for the challenge to change your ways, it’s not going to be easy but together we can succeed…

Happy Birthday James and here’s to your success in 2011….


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  • Happy birthday James! I’m looking forward to working closely with you for the rest of 2011 to improve my online presence.

    • James Radley says:

      HI Tom

      Thanks It’s been an awesome day…..

      Looking forward to the meeting on Tuesday discusssing your online presence and how we can build a bigger brand for your company.

      See you then….


  • James great post and congrats on your birthday.

    I know what you mean about thinking too much and action too little, can’t believe its July already, although its December as far as the weather is concerned.

    Alex, Sterling and Rich all kept repeating the same mantra, whatever you do does not need to be perfect it just has to be. Take action and always strive to be better but never perfect.

    Totally agree with your ten rules and Sally gave me a wake up call recently with regards to rule 9 and actually rules 6, 7, 8 and 10, lol!

    look forward to the new plugin and seeing what Sally thinks of it, she certainly knows how to squeeze the benefits out of a blog.
    igor Griffiths recently posted..How a Small Difference Can Transform Your Marketing

    • James Radley says:

      Hi Igor

      Thanks for your kind comments….

      I intend to stick to this rule set and make a difference to the rest of my year…

      Will send you a copy of the plugin when it’s finished…

      In the meantime I will be posting a sneap peak video on here shortly…

      Speak Soon


  • Sally says:

    Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

    Sorry it’s late, hope you had a fab one.

    I am gonna totally rip off all your tips for my coaching now ha ha.

    Super tips, you really do know what you’re talking about, if you could just get more time you would be such a big hit online.

    I am realllllllly looking forward to your plugin, I am dying to give it a test run as I love anything that makes my life as a marketer easier.

    I will be sure and give your plugin a nice big PLUG when it’s released so please gimme a shout!

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Did You Win My FREE Coaching??? Winners Revealed…

  • allexaU says:

    I would like to say a very late and belated happy birthday to you. I am also planning of having a gift to myself to have the whole day of rest and vacation and some sleep. We are workaholic and we need some rest sometime.
    allexaU recently posted..How To Cope With Panic Attacks

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