Just had my most productive day today…

Just a quick update as promissed on my Journey to Success….

Today has been No timewasting, well not much I must have been 80% efficient today.

  • Created 6 Mind Maps of the system I am using for my Online Business.
  • Written my next blog post on Making Mistakes and Overcoming them.
  • Produce a plan to get the ball rolling and also the steps leading between the products.
  • Interacted with my fellow students of Alex Jeffreys.
  • Updated WordPress to latest….
  • Checked my installation of my list building site.

Most importantly I have set the foundations within my head that I can produce days like today and get the work done.

But I must….

  1. Have a plan….
  2. Action that plan….
  3. Review and Modify….

“You can’t Succeed or even Fail if you don’t start”…..


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  • Sally says:

    Hiya James,

    6 mind maps!

    You’re putting me to shame here ha ha.

    1,2,3 sounds simple to me.

    I am glad that you have planned to interact with your fellow students, partnerships and relationships online will contribute greatly to your success.

    And it’s also good to bounce ideas off your fellow students, and get your butt kicked on the lazy days too!

    Will be keeping an eye on you to see how your doing, catch you soon,

    Sally :)

  • James Radley says:

    Thanks for your kind comments Sally.

    I have pinned my mindmaps to the wall above my pc….
    There’s no excuses for not nowing what I should be doing now…

    Speak Soon


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