Update June 2010 – My Journey to Online Success

I don’t want to bore you with all the details like previous posts just to say a few quick words….

There have been some major changes happening around here lately…..  and I’m not sure if I can control them all….


Let me update you on My Journey to Online Income

  • Money earned less $100 this year…. (the money will be coming soon)
  • I have finally identified the downfall with my previous efforts over the years!
  • Me, Myself and I……..
  • I had no Plan, System or Goals no idea of what I was working towards…
  • No JV’s, No List, No Products and a handful of websites earning me zilch…..
  • 10GB of Training E-book’s and products….and an Empty Bank Account.

So What’s Changed

  • I have been very lucky to win a place on the latest Coaching Program with Alex Jeffreys Market with Alex 3.0
  • The training received so far has been life changing in every aspect both work and personal… I will be detailing more as I talk you through my journey to earning money online.
  • One of the major things it has done is to  make me more efficient with my time
  • Understanding what I should be doing and when is Key to any business…..
  • I Changed and I am going to show you the how? Where? And When?

So What’s Coming

  • A number of Informative posts on my blog each week
  • A Video of the week showing you over my shoulder of me improving my business
  • An Interview with Alex Jeffreys (once I have his commitment)

Look! Basically I am going to document every step of my progress and I will share this with you all here at JamesRad.com .

I understand how you may be struggling I have for 3 years and I am not going to anymore….

This will help my online business grow by keeping me accountable and on track…

A big hello to any fellow MWA 3.0 students…..

Please feel free to leave any comments you have I would love to hear your story.

To Our Future


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